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Saturday 20 February, 09.00-12.00 WIB
Speaker : Ms. Henny Wirawan, M.Hum,.  Psychologist
Basically all parents expect the best thing for their children, and parents will do their best too in order to attain the expectation by assisting their children to achieve this goal. However, a lot of parents are only able to provide their children in the form of materialistic things or offer their children with several options of good schools. As it is well understood that having a good character is one of important traits in one’s life, unfortunately it hasn’t been the main concern or focus of some parents in their child character building process.
Child’s character building starts initially at home and the next process continues at school. Therefore, all elements in a society need to endeavor and cooperate in order to create the best character. On top of that, teachers should have a program to help shape students’ character. Nevertheless, teachers are not able to work on their own without the assistance and support from students’ parents too. Eventually, giving children a good example, open communication and attention should be manifested in parenting style.
Through this parenting seminar, the speaker, Ms. Henny Wirawan, M. Hum,. Psychologist, would like to share her knowledge and experience concerning parenting style which can be implemented to children and its suitability between Mom’s and Dad’s parenting style and their big families. Apart from that, in this seminar there will discussion over various causes and impacts of inconsistency in parenting style between these two figures. Some interesting cases related to this matter will also be discussed thoroughly in this rewarding seminar.

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