Cambridge Global Perspective®

Cambridge Global Perspective® is a unique, transformational programme that helps students at every stage of school education develop outstanding transferable skills, including critical thinking, research, and collaboration. This innovative and stimulating skills-based programme places academic study in a practical, real-world context.

During this programme, students engage in both exploration and critical thinking on a range of global issues where there is always more than one point of view and global issues that are relevant to them—for example, the environment, education, and keeping healthy. Subsequently, they will attempt to find solutions and raise people’s awareness of these global issues.

The focus of teaching and assessment of this programme is completely on the development of skills (research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration, and communication) rather than knowledge and understanding of specific topics. We believe that acquiring these skills will aid them in their academic pursuits.

Annually, parents are cordially invited to come and witness first-hand the enthusiasm of our students as they showcase their projects and share what they have learnt on Cambridge Global Perspectives Exhibition Day.