Exposing children to high quality early education helps to support their cognitive, language, social emotional skills and fine & gross motor skills.  It is crucial that children learn to communicate and connect with others, especially their peers of the same age.


Language skills help children communicate what they want and what they feel.  Early language development becomes crucial to children’s ability to form social relationships and connect with others.

The first 3 years when the brain is developing is the most crucial period for acquiring speech and language skills.  With our bilingual programme, our learners will be exposed to how the sounds within different languages work together.

Preschool is the period when children’s self-regulation skills are developing rapidly so this is the opportunity to teach them to manage their emotions and inhibit distractions and guide them in managing negative emotions.


School hours : 

KG-A: 8.30 – 11.00

KG-B: 8.30 – 11.30