English Language


  1. To nurture students to be effective communicators empowered with 21st-century skills.
  2. To provide opportunities to integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing into the language learning process.
  3. To identify and develop students’ talents in speaking and writing.


  1. Infusion of IT meaningfully — multimodal ICT tools.
  2. Provide stimulating and challenging activities beyond the curriculum to enrich students’ learning experience in the English language.
  3. Provide students the opportunities to speak, write, and make presentations in internationally acceptable English.
  4. Infusion of critical and creative thinking strategies through literacy and oracy programmes.


    We believe that acquiring our students’ interest in reading is crucial while still at a young age to nurture independent lifelong learners. We strongly encourage our students to read extensively and exposure to a wide range of printed and non-printed texts and electronic sources is necessary.
    Phonemic awareness, phonics and early literacy skills at the start of primary 1 will be highlighted to lay the foundation for acquiring reading fluency. Our students are introduced to the Literary Programme from primary 3 till primary 6.
    Our students are engaged in various Reading Programmes such as Uninterrupted Silent Reading (USR), Buddy Reading, Home Reading and many more.
    To encourage expression of thoughts and feelings in writing, we engage students in writings such as creative writing, journal writing, poetry, report writing, and so on, which cover various issues from myself, family, social, health, opinion, world, technology, advertisement, etc. This aims to expose students to various writing skills.
    We have weeks of fun-filled activities to promote the love for learning the English Language. Listening to Book Talks, Character Day, Oratorical Contest are among a few examples of our ongoing activities.