Learn for Life

“Learn for Life, Instead of Exam and Build 21st Century Competencies”

Children discover their interest and talents from having been exposed to a variety of activities from a young age. We are giving them a head start, which is very much needed in the competitive society that we live in today.

Electives programme refers to educational enrichment within the school hours as a unique addition to our academic programme. The courses are designed to complement the school regular programmes by providing opportunities for students to explore areas of interest or discover completely new areas they may not have considered before thus enriching their experience and becoming resourceful individuals. Electives programme is intended to enhance and build skills such as life skills, leadership, thinking skills, communication and social interaction as students will have the opportunity to build their identity, grow their confidence, social and emotional wellness and shape their independence as well as creativity.
Our electives programme provides students with school-based experience to accumulate a solid portfolio