Parent Support Club

SBGG Parent Support Club (PSC) has been established with the objective to be a bridge between the school and parent. Thus they play important roles in communicating ideas or thoughts which is beneficial to the growth of the students as well as the school as a community.

PSC is involved in various school events such as Christmas celebration, Eid Ul Fitr celebration and fundraising events. Their service has made a positive impact in our school community. Our continous cooperation will surely result in the development of SBGG as a big family.

All SBGG parents are the active members of our PSC. The PSC core team is elected by a voting system. The team is responsible to build and maintain the healthy communication between school and the PSC members. In order to support the core team, there are also the parent coordinators as the representative of each of the classes who have the roles of coordinating and communicating important events or information related to school matters. They are engaged in various school events such as: School Bazaar, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, and some other school based activities.