Math and Science Week 2023

Math and Science Week was an exciting event at SBGG which provided the opportunities for the students to experience various engaging and educational activities. Our students connected Math skills with real life problems through the Math interactive board which allows students to explore about place values, statistics and measurement. There were also various fun activities related to shapes. To add excitement to the week, our Science team conducted some meaningful activities such as games, competition and experiments. The above activities

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Global Perspective Exhibition

The meaningful learning comes alive when we facilitate our young minds to learn how to think critically, question, digest information, communicate their thoughts and reflect their learning experiences. We love to witness the interaction of our parents and students during the Global Perspective Exhibition. Our students get the opportunities of strengthening their public speaking skills while showcasing their results of learning experiences.

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Spring Cleaning Day

February is identical to month of kindness. One simple act yet meaningful is to get involved in Spring Cleaning Day. Students of SBGG eagerly participated for Spring Cleaning. Everyone brought the cleaning equipments and they were all ready to work together to make the event successful. Students as well as teachers worked hard hand in hand to clean up without hesitance of making their hands dirty. The students were burst in happiness to enjoy their “Spring Cleaning Day”. It was

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Student LED Conference

This was an activity where students presented their portfolio in front of their parents. The students built the bonding with their parents by informing parents about the lessons have learned throughout 1 semester. It was the occasion where student can voice out about their learning process, their favorite subject or topic, their constraints and also enjoyment while learning the topics. They also had the opportunities to explore various activity stations during the conference.

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